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Executive National Sales Director
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This page offers documents that can help in your training events.

Some of these downloads can be used directly in your businesses, while others serve as examples of ideas successfully used by others in their businesses. In almost all cases, the downloads are "pdf" files. The originals are not available in most cases.

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Most Recent

Angie's Most Recent Accolade Sheet
English - for introducing Angie at functions

Conference Call Procedures
English - this sheet tells you how to join a Conference or Mentoring Call and how to playback a recording of a call

Elaine Maeland's Full Circle Program and Boot Camp - English - These two programs were introduced at Retreat and the supporting documentation and explanations are found on the next page.

Blingo Cards - English - Blingo is a wonderful Guest Night event to spur discussion and questions about the opportunity and the product.


Articles and Information

Direct Selling News - extract on Mary Kay (2007)
English - a great recruiting tool

"Mrs Johnson's" Postponed Show
English - a must-read article with an amazing message

USA Today - Article on Direct Selling in today's economy
English - great recruiting tool

Southwest Airlines "Spirit" Magazine article on Mary Kay (2008)
English - a great article. Worth a read and maybe use for recruiting

Mary Kay's Last Christmas Message
English - very touching

Top Signs You Need Mary Kay
English - Cute!


General Training

101 Ways to Work Your Business
English - a bright and entertaining teaching tool

"Taking Stock"
English - a basic article about the need for inventory

Welcome to Your Store
English - a graph of various inventory levels pros and cons

Sticking to Your Commitment
English - a great weekly goal setting and tracking sheet

10 Marks of a Mentor
English - Great article - a must read

18 Ways to Finish your Star       same article in French
Both Languages - need to order more, but need more sales? Here are some ideas

You Can't Do Business from an Empty Wagon
English - An excellent argument for maintaining adequate inventory

Sample letter/email to an inactive Consultant
English - this is a suggested way to renew contact with a Consultant to explain why she should consider placing a small order to stay active

Safety Tips for Women Travelling
English - This is a bit troubling, but they are good tips for when you travel, especially to US cities for Leadership, etc.



Add-a-Diamond Ring Promotion (2010)
Bilingual (an example of a promotion to promote Unit Growth)

"Diva Dollars" Promotion and Cutouts
Bilingual - great promotion - including dollar cutouts

Chocolate Delight Game
English - wonderful survey / game / booking tool!  must see!


 Things to Print and Use

Beauty Night Invitation Card
English - This is a two side card to help you get guests interested in coming to a Monday meeting

"Trading Faces" Promotional Invitation (quite cute)
English - cute invitation to a facial

Gift Coupon for 15% discount
English - half page coupon for 15% discount

$20 Coupon for Your Next Appointment
English - slightly dated encouragement for follow-up facial

$75 Worth of Product for $35 Coupon
English - great coupon - self-explanatory

Makeover Gift Coupon
English - a nice invitation to join you for a pampering session

Mary Kay Mad Money ($5 Gift Certificates)
English - give these coupons before or at the class - cute!

Makeover Invitation and $10 Gift Certificate
English - great booking tool - invitation and coupon

Thank you PostCard for Sales in August
English - a nice touch. Thanks for buying in August and gets customers ready for Fall sales season

Ways to Maximize Double Credit in November
nglish - a must read for maximum effect this month!!!!

Double Credit in November
English - a good flyer explaining Double Credit to Consultants

More-vember Promotion
English - from Chrissy Novak - a great flyer to promote activity in November - to party in December

90 Day Challenge for Directors
English - This is a worksheet to support a special series of Conference Calls. This sheet has activities for Directors in the training.

90 Day Challenge for Consultants
English - This is a worksheet to support a special series of Conference Calls. This sheet has activities for Consultants in the training.


Christmas Sales Aids

 Christmas Holiday Handbook
English - a bit dated, but an excellent source of selling ideas for Christmas - a must read!

Christmas Wish List - Great!
English - this is a list you have a customer fill out to let her husband know what Mary Kay product she wants for Christmas. Don't underestimate how much husbands appreciate this!

Overcoming Christmas Season Objections
English - some great words to use when customers are reluctant to book

'Tis the Season - Christmas Open House Invitations
English - Great invitations to do Christmas shopping with you!

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas
English - good suggestions for the people in your life

Twelve Days of Christmas - How to - English  -   French
Two Langauges - dated but an excellent idea for a campaign - it works!!

Twelve Days of Christmas - Sets - English - French
Two Langauges - needs updating, but a great campaign - it works!!

Twelve Days of Christmas - Gift Tags - English - French
Two Langauges - these are the tags to place on campaign gifts


Booking Training

"Before and After" Portfolio Page
English - use this page to construct your model portfolio

Overcoming Booking Objections
English - Samples of answers to potential hostesses

How to Book
English - Great set of scripts for Booking

English - a booking approach to generate leads

The Beauty of Friendship
English - a referral flyer (similar to Tic-Tac-Toe) Very effective

Guest Night Draw Slips with mini-Survey    same in French 
Both Languages - great draw slips for a guest night with a few survey questions to help establish guests' interest in the career

"Tell Us What You Think" Survey Sheet
English - a good survey questionnaire to help generate leads

Market Survey Sheets
English - small compact survey to use to generate leads

5-Alive Club
Bilingual - a tracking sheet to encourage and track your 5 daily booking contacts


Recruiting Training

Have U Ever Pondered Pink - Recruiting Survey  Updated
English - busy but useful survey sheet to stimulate interest in the opportunity

Did You Know? Recruiting Information
English - a bit crowded, but a lot of Company information in one sheet

Overcoming Recruiting Objections
English - Samples of answerrs to potential Recruits

Recruiting Album
English - an example of what a recruiting album should look like

Sharing Tips by Senior Sales Director Chrissy Novak
English - a compilation of a series of daily sharing tips - great info

87 Booking Ideas and Tax Advantages
English - a basic tool for recruiting

Angie's Recruiting Package
English - really dated, but offered as an example of what a good recruiting package should look like and so you can see the package which built this Area

10 Reasons to Join (late in the year)
English - a copy of a flyer which extols the virtues of joining Mary Kay in October, November or December


Sales Training

Sets Flyer - Class Specials
English - dated but an excellent example of marketting

Hostess Information Sheet / Coaching Tips / Invitations
English - This sheet gives your hostess information about promotions, inviting guests and provides invitations to use

The Cash Game
Bilingual - A great way to generate sales without leaving home

Picture Frame Posters
Bilingual - place these two "posters" into picture frames and display them at your classes. Effective

Mary Kay Set Placemat (2015 prices)   Updated! 
English - great placemat for your classes and facials

Alternate Placemat - pdf - same placemat in Word Perfect format
English - might be outdated, but a good alternative placemat

Set Placemat
English - Outdated but a good example of a simple placemat to encouage up sales